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Raise the Vibe was originally a hub for community events centered around music, artistry, and healing. In late 2021, we created our very first Blunteez, RTV’s main product.


Sherry is the original creator of Blunteez. She’s always been a crafty person but had never really found her medium. Her artistic passion for creating art with wire and crystals began with simple pendants, earrings, and rings. One day, a friend asked her to create a holder for her and Blunteez was born! Her creations have led us far and connected us with amazing people and events. We’re patent pending and trademark published and eager to keep sharing with a growing commUNITY.

We are so grateful to both our online and in-person supporters. We’ve done many local events, a slew of festivals, and we were blessed to tour with The Wailers in the Northeast. Keep an eye on us because we might end up in your city or a shop near you.

Blunteez are highly useful Handcrafted Multifunctional Pendants & Holders, used to hold glasses, shades, badges, pens, festival passes, keys, herbal joints and more! They are made with copper, silver, or stainless steel and crystals, seashells, sea glass, and polymer clay creations. We also have Lighter Koozeez (reusable lighter cases), adjustable rings and offer custom designs and creations.

Order your Blunteez today or reach out for a custom creation.


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